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The NCAA men's basketball tournament is being held this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, to determine the best squad in the United States. Sixty-eight teams qualify for the elimination tournament in an event that garners huge television ratings and sends sports players into a frenzy.

The largest city, Boise, has only 205,000 residents, but it is a sprawling metropolitan area with a population of more than 1.5 million. Idaho has no major league sports teams and is generally considered too small to host a team in the MLB, NBA or NFL.

Fortunately, online gambling allows you to bet on sports rights outside the state, which opens up a wealth of possibilities. However, there are some websites that suggest you can accept bets from anywhere in the US, including Idaho. Bebe, an online sports betting operator, says on its website that it will be accepted by "anywhere in the United States," including Idaho.

It also accepts customers from Idaho as well as other states such as New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Although sports betting is illegal, Idaho is far from a gambling mecca, as the state has only a small number of teams to choose from. There are no professional sports teams in Idaho, though there is at least one college team that gets professional respect - level.

The NCAA football program was the most successful, winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2009 and 2014. Although the football team has a losing record overall, it managed to win two bowl games in 1998 and 2009, the Humanitarian Bowl (now known as the famous Idaho Potato Bowl). The men's basketball team also made it to the round of the top eight, while defending its Division I national title - AA - with a victory in the bowl game.

The Bengals are competing in the Big Sky Conference, and only three universities are eligible to compete in the NCAA Division One. Idaho has had its ups and downs in recent years. Most teams have participated in a variety of conferences, from the Mountain West Conference to the Sun Belt Conference to the American Athletics Conference.

One thing is certain: If Idaho wants to keep up with its neighbor, it would have to start online sports betting. If you have questions or concerns about the legality of the new Idaho Sports Gaming Act, you should consult with the country's legal experts.

Gawlik is a graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, where he played volleyball and basketball. He then trained at the University of Minnesota before heading and conducting other marketing activities in Wisconsin, where he mentored and coached the men's and women's basketball teams, cross-country and athletics teams before joining the athletic administration. She cited his role in promoting athletics at the University of Wisconsin and said she would like to do the same as Idaho's athletic director. But she also said it was extremely important for sports departments to connect with the entire campus community.

As sport is a microcosm of society and can be used as a catalyst for social change, it provides us with an incredible platform.

I have dealt with this issue and that is almost all I have done. Isakson was suspended from his position as athletic director at the University of Idaho in 2014 after spending the last three years as athletic director under former Boise State head coach Bill Verlin. He earned his master's degree in physical education and education administration from Texas State University after coaching volleyball and basketball at Mary Hardin-Baylor College. Previously, he was chairman of the NCAA Division I Board of Regents and chairman of the Board of Division II.

In May, a month after Hecox sued Idaho, the ADF filed a motion to intervene on behalf of transgender women who believe they have an unfair advantage. May: Science remains unsettled, and advocates of the Idaho law argue that cisgender girls and women are discriminated against over transgender competitors. Like Taylor, some experts believe that including gender-neutral restrooms and locker rooms in the law makes sense to ensure equal access to sports facilities for transgender students and athletes.

Indeed, the NCAA, for its part, has been quick to protest Idaho's ban by moving championship games out of the state, including the 2014 men's NCAA championship game between Boise State and North Carolina. The NCAA's statement was in response to a letter from the American Football Coaches Association calling on the association to "withdraw" from hosting championship games in Idaho while the law remains in effect. To bet on Boise City, Idaho does allow out-of-state college bets, but if you want to be active outside of Idaho, your best option is to find an online bookmaker who accepts bets bets.

Gawlik said he didn't know if the proposal was still viable, but he was open to the idea of doing something similar in other states like New York, New Jersey or even California.

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