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The nearest metropolis is on a farm surrounded by a 200 km long hiking trail, and that is a very good thing. Boise is home to more than 2,000 people per square mile, making it one of the largest cities in the United States with a population of about 1.5 million.

The Boise Factory Outlets on the outskirts of town offer a variety of retail options at bargain prices, but most importantly, it attracts visitors. Other good reasons to visit Cabela's are the planned workshops, the outdoor activities and the great shopping experience.

Grab a bite to eat, attend a live concert, watch a movie, grab a grip and go, and your retail cravings are fully satisfied. Open every day of the week and open from 10 am to 5 pm for a variety of shopping and entertainment.

The city has a few specialty shops and retailers that are worth not visiting. This mall has some unique features that you won't see anywhere else in the state of Idaho, let alone the country.

This art gallery in Boise on 8th Street Marketplace displays works from all media including paintings, glass, jewelry and ceramics.

The retail space, which measures about 1.5 million square meters and is 1.30 meters long, houses a variety of local retailers and national brands. Albertsons, Fred Meyer and Walgreens occupy the shadow stores that draw most shopping to the center.

The local bounty is presented in a relaxed restaurant with an exposed brick wall that gives juniper its eighth. A popular restaurant is the Idaho Pizza, which is popular for its great, delicious pizza and salad bar.

Five Mile Plaza is one of the properties we own, and Northgate Shopping Center is accessible by public transportation via Route 60 and Squire Road. The airport is located on Vista Avenue in downtown Boise and is the main Boise ride - in shopping and travel destination for those who travel to Boise. The self-governing IRA Corp is located at the intersection of Main Street and Main Avenue, just blocks from all vehicles driving on the street.

Market stalls selling the wares of local artisans, as well as local producers who grow and create. On Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23, visit the Boise Farmers' Market to learn about food trucks, artisans and other vendors.

So you can find life in the city's WaterShed - trees the size of metal scraps and a host of other objects. A display case with fine glass products displays handmade objects of sculptures, chandeliers, jewelry and more. The city hall and airport are a place where pictures by local photographers are exhibited.

A large sporting goods store that sells clothing, clothing and household items that appeal to the outdoors. A few blocks away you can visit the largest outdoor store in town, the Boise Outdoor Store. There you will find a wide selection of outdoor equipment and clothing as well as outdoor equipment and equipment for camping.

With over 60,000 buyers a day, they offer a wide range of clothing, clothing and household items, as well as outdoor equipment and equipment for the campsite. It includes more than 1,500 stores in the Boise area with a total area of 1.5 million square feet.

Every Saturday from April to December, the capital's public market offers food and crafts from Idaho. Many of these places start with excellent local beer, but the lively Payette Brewing Co. tavern is one of the city's favorite places for craft beer. The husband's - and wife's - brewery in downtown Boise produces a variety of local favorites, some of which were made by one or other local favorites in the first place. Every day, the creative class of our city will behave and choose from a wide range of art, music, craftsmen, artists, musicians, writers and more.

After shopping, you can choose from a full meal at one of the many restaurants in the newly opened section of the shopping street in downtown Boise.

Franklin Towne Plaza is one of their valuable projects, and it still serves the community 30 years later. The Boise Art Association, Inc. has been given a room at the Carnegie Public Library to exhibit its artwork.

The mall also has a tattoo studio where you can get piercings and tattoos, and the company has offered the property as a location for the Boise Art Association, Inc., as well as an art gallery. In the air-conditioned atmosphere you forget to enjoy the shops, but the shopping itself is enjoyed.

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More About Boise