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Whether you're visiting Boise for a weekend getaway, going out for a date night or just visiting, Boise offers some of the best and most unique hotels. Spending a week or weekend in a family cabin is a popular place in Idaho, but Boise is also home to a host of hotels that deliver on the promise of a great night out, whether you visit Boise on a Friday or Saturday to explore an area that looks like a new home delivered by a local hotel.

Some of our favorite hotels in the area offer comfort in incredible locations that will show you the heart of Boise and spoil you. Whether you want to spend a great night with friends or a quiet night in a local hotel, we have the answer for you.

This unique stay, unlike any other hotel in Boise, has a modern twist of an old hotel. The hotel was once a Travelodge, but has been renovated to make it a place in the heart of the city with great views of downtown Boise and the Boise River.

Four more hotels are opening in 2018, as the map below shows, including a new Hilton hotel in Meridian, a Hilton hotel in Boise and two Hilton hotels in Idaho Falls. The fourth hotel is the state's first TRU Hilton hotel to open in the Meridian in spring 2018. This major hotel opening is part of a larger expansion of Hilton Hotels and Resorts across Idaho and the nation.

This is a unique hotel owned by a small hotel company based in Eugene, Oregon, with a very boutique feel.

Its proximity to downtown's green belt makes it a popular choice for leisure trips to Boise, and seasonal dishes on the riverfront terrace attract hotel guests and locals alike. When the Treefort Music Festival takes place in Boise in March, you'll find the Modern Hotel right next door. There are some disadvantages of a Boise Hilton Garden Inn that are not high - rise, but the benefits quickly outweigh the disadvantages. From this hotel you have a good view, especially in the early morning and evening hours.

Located in the heart of downtown, Hampton Inn Suites offers great views of the Boise River and downtown. It is also noteworthy that the 31-year-old property has been brought up to industry standards. Many rooms offer stunning views of the Tablerock foothills and access to a variety of amenities, including a fitness centre, spa and wellness facilities, and an outdoor pool.

In total, 870 hotel rooms have been added in Greater Boise, with most of the hotels belonging to the upper middle class. Since the Hampton Inn was built, the Grove Hotel has been the perfect place to stay and share with CenturyLink Arena, where the Idaho Steelheads ECHL ice hockey team plays. The Grove is connected to the Century Link Arena and offers great views of downtown Boise and the Boise River. Stay in Grove and cheer on the Idaho steelheads.

If you want to experience a different way of staying in Boise, try the Modern Hotel Bar at the Hyatt Hotel. This recently renovated hotel offers a great location for those looking for a more relaxed and relaxed experience when exploring Boise. The carefully decorated, bright, airy and spacious rooms offer you the opportunity to relax and immerse yourself in luxury. It offers spacious facilities such as a private pool, private dining room and private shower, and is within walking distance of Hyatts Place and many of the area's attractions. Just a short walk from downtown Boise and the Boise River, you can enjoy views of downtown, the Idaho Steelheads ice hockey team ECHL and other local sports teams.

For a different stay, Boise Guest House offers three historic lodges, newly designed as creative and unique boutique suites.

The Inn at 500 Capitol is a Four Diamond hotel located in the heart of the Boise Cultural District. It is also home to all the attractions downtown Boise has to offer, from restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. Hyatt Place in downtown Idaho is very similar to the Hilton Garden Inn, but is only a few blocks from downtown. Downtown Boise Hampton Inn & Suites is within walking distance of downtown, just off Main Street and Capitol Boulevard.

Personally, I am a big fan of Hampton Inns and have never had a bad experience with them, and they are generally cheaper than most comparable hotels. re a Hilton hotel, so if you're looking for a different local experience, check out the Hampton Inn & Suites at 500 Capitol or the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Boise.

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