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Boise, Idaho may be on the radar as a great visitor destination, but there are some notable comparisons and similarities. Although Boise is often referred to as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, it has long been able to distinguish itself with its own culinary scene. The words seem to have been uttered - for some, not only because of the proximity to the state capital.

Her specialty is Bittercreek Alehouse, but her other favorite in Boise is Juniper on the 8th, which focuses on local ingredients, including a lot of local wine and beer. Their menu includes a wide selection of dishes from local breweries and local food trucks. They rely on local ingredients, including Idaho - grown hops and wheat - to thrive. The neighbouring sister restaurant, Gussie's, serves excellent classic cocktails and serves local beers, as well as local wines and spirits.

The Idaho State Capitol has an Instagram-worthy and stunning brownstone interior, and if you're looking for an experience, visit Westside Drive - In in Boise. Open daily, guests can enjoy finger steaks at the Idaho Capitol and a variety of other local restaurants. Idaho-inspired desserts are always available, but these frozen treats are found at fairs, festivals and during the warmer months. A must-see on your trip: If you want to experience it all for yourself, visit Idaho's largest ice cream parlour, the Ice Cream Factory.

Downtown is compact and walkable, with a mix of award-winning Idaho wines, restaurants that expand, and a variety of craft beers and wine bars. Boise food is fresh and delicious, but innovative and hungry young chefs are ready to take it to the next level.

Several prominent winemakers are helping, including Melanie Krause of Cinder, who returned to Idaho after a stay at Chateau Ste. If the frequent queues around the block are any indication, the owners are creating a cool winner in Boise's food scene. Kanak Attack has built a following among people who queue outside the restaurant on the corner of Main Street and Main Street in downtown Boise. This eatery in Boise's Lusk District opened in 2013 and transformed the neighborhood's former flagship into a hip and hip taqueria.

If you want authentic Chinese food in downtown Boise, Yen Ging's is just what you need, especially for a quick lunch or dinner with friends and family.

This chic place was voted the best in Boise in 2014 and serves modern Asian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, organic and organic ingredients. In 2013, the Idaho Statesman named Merrits Scones as one of 150 Boise icons. Originally called Les Bois - de - Woodes in French, Boise was once considered the second largest city in the United States after New York City. The Food Network called ice cream and potatoes "one of 50 iconic desserts from around the country.

The guesthouse has been converted into a restaurant, but the guesthouses are basically dying in Boise, and they are not the only ones in town.

A number of restaurants in Boise have resumed serving, though their inclusion here should not be taken as confirmation of the outdoor dining. Eating ice cream is one thing in Idaho, so check your time before you go, but if you enjoy ice cream in all weathers, you'll be happy to discover some of the things you can do in Boise. Whether you're licking your fingers off a good deep-frying or finger steak or melting your hand, hand-crafted chocolate in your mouth with your hands, there's no shortage of good food on your Idaho visit.

Idaho dishes may sound a little bizarre, but once you have your first bite, you'll be thrilled. Whether you are an Idahoe native or just visiting the City of Trees, there are a lot of dishes to try whether you like it or not.

Located in a Southeast Boise mall, this low-standard restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes including chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. The Gernika bar in downtown Boise serves these delicious dishes during and after your departure.

Boise's Capital City Public Market should definitely be on your list of activities in Boise, Idaho. You never know what you will find on this market, but everywhere you will find herbal treats like herbs, pears, cherries, apples, peaches, oranges and much more. You can also have fun at the Boise Public Markets in downtown Boise in search of other fun things.

The Pet Food Pantry is located on the Dorman Campus and is one of the best places in Boise for pet food and pet care.

The owner Sarah Fendley grew up on a farm and wanted to bring a little of that feeling to Boise. She and her husband Chris and their three children, all of whom want to return to the United States.

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