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Boise State University has named Jeramiah Dickey as the Broncos' new athletic director, president Dr. Marlene Tromp announced Saturday. Boise State has climbed to the nation's No.1 offensive and defense position, according to the 247Sports Composite, and its 25th-ranked recruiting class has signed on for the 2022 campaign, with a total of 12 players on its list.

Dallas Cowboys OC Kellen Moore has enjoyed a rapid rise as a coach after ending his time as head coach of the New York Giants, which could see him take over at Boise State. Moore, who once played for the Broncos under former Broncos offensive coordinator Mike Leach, could make his mark on the program with a proven track record, and he is no one to bet against.

He spent 17 of his 21 years as a college coach at his alma mater before making a brief stop in the NFL with the New York Giants in 2014 and playing in three games in his first season as head coach.

For Dickey, finding a replacement for Bryan Harsin is high on the Broncos "to-do list, but it won't be his decision alone. Boise State has been searching for a new head coach for more than a year since he took over the head coaching job at Auburn last week. Because Boise State is the only FBS program without a football coach, they have considered a number of candidates and are still in the early stages of their search. Some of those candidates are: Left-back coach John Avalo, a leading candidate to be the next Idaho State Football coaching candidate, and offensive coordinator / offensive line coach / tight end coach Mike Leach.

Hawkins led Bishop Kelly High School to the unbeaten state championships in Boise, Idaho, which we entered today. Boise State has been relegated from the Pac-12 Conference for the first time in its history to the Mountain West Conference. Subscribe today to learn more about the Broncos "coaching search, as well as the search for a new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach / tight end coach from former Idaho State head coach Mike Petersen.

Boise State seems to be past its mysticism if it ever really takes a step toward the Big Ten. It looks like Boise State will move into the Mountain West, as we have discussed in recent months, but the Broncos will have to find a home in other sports or another conference for it to work, especially with the possibility of adding an AAC to their football program. After a season in which they slipped to a 9-5 record and a loss in the Pac-12 Conference championship game, Boise State is bidding farewell to its best season since the 2008-09 season.

But the fact that Boise State landed an interview with USC for the offensive coordinator is quite a show of strength and shows the magnitude of the task. Harlin's limited experience in the SEC footprint could be a problem for the Broncos, but as head coach the next few years will be a big one for the Broncos and the MW. Since December 2020 is the most important month in college football recruitment history and the possibility of moving to the Mountain West, it will be equally important for both conferences, provided that MW keeps Boise State. So Idaho State football is heading into the unknown with an unknown head coach post and a possible move away from the Pac-12.

Watch the video below to learn more from Dave Southorn, who has been a beat reporter for Boise State football since 2007. Dennis Dillon Mazda can also be found on Twitter at @ DennisDillonMazda and on Facebook at Dennis _ Daniels _ M Mazda.

Boise State Wrestling competes at the ExtraMile Arena on campus, and the men's indoor track competes at the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation. Boise State University sponsors a variety of NCAA sports, with teams competing primarily in the Mountain West Conference and a beach volleyball program as independent teams. In college football, the Boise State Broncos football program represents Boise City University and competes in the disciplines Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Division The BoiseState wrestling competitions are held at Extra Mile Arena and Extra Mile Gymnasium as well as extraMiles

Boise State's best - and most famous - program is football, which in 2012 posted a perfect 13-0 record and capped the school's first appearance in the College Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) championship game. Fort Boise State has won four conference championships, beating Nevada 38-31 to give it the first Mountain West Conference title in school history.

Boise State regularly fights in the Mountain West and will occasionally fight for the six bowl games of the new year. The problem is that Boise State competes against most BCS teams at the start of the season and in a bowl game.

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